If you’re looking to find out how I’ve been working to move forward, the subpages of this tab is where you’ll find that.

Fresh Wounds – Here you will find what happened and the physical symptoms and affects that followed.

Pass The Wine – This page gives a run down of the days and weeks that followed and how I coped and why it seemed to work for me.  Spoiler, wine was/is key.

Memorialize – In a nut shell, this is how I’m paying tribute to the loss my baby and the potential her life would have held.  Here, I’m interested in your contributions in the comments.

Moving & Shaking – On this page, I’ll talk about how this experience has inspired me and given me the push to focus my life purpose and build it into a life that makes me happy and fulfilled.  I want to offer this space to help you do the same and share your aspirations and goals that this life event may have triggered.

My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me; it has only strengthened me.
– Steve Maraboli