The weeks following my loss, I was l i t e r a l l y starving for information.  Why did this happen? How do I cope?  When can I exercise again?  Should I be feeling like this?  Could this have been prevented?  Will it happen again?  Should I memorialize this loss and if so, how?  Were there signs?  Why, how, what…. So many questions and a feeling of emptiness and disorientation that I didn’t know how to fill or resolve.  I bought books, read blogs and scientific websites, searched forums.  I couldn’t devour enough information fast enough.  Listed here are some of the resources that I gleaned some form of information or method of coping that ultimately helped me in some fashion.  What I think I needed was some form of community to take me in and help me talk it through.  But there was no rule book on how to bridge this topic, is there?  And here we are, I truly hope this information can help you as well.  Some of the resources I found have lead me down a path of serious personal development.  Maybe that’s your path too.  I give you these tools in support of your journey.


The Only Little Prayer You Need”  – Debra Landwehr Engle

Spoiler: “Please heal my fear based thoughts” is the one little prayer.  It touches on the psychology of the eco and it’s desire to keep us safe at the expense of never leaving our comfort zones and remaining in harmful habits.

Loved Baby” – Sarah Philpott, PhD

Heads up, this book is full of religion as a form of coping.  No judgment if that for you.  It’s not so much for me.  I powered through regardless and “GOD” aside, found there were still take-aways that have helped me.

Empty Arms” – Pam Vredevelt

Again, this a book written by a christian counselor.  Her story and the broad topics she covers are appreciated.  She wrote the book out of the same disappointment I have felt, in the lack information available.

The Courage Habit” – Kate “Courageous” Swaboda

This book is in the personal development category but I think it has absolutely proven valuable in working through the pain and questions of loss.  I learned about this book from the podcast “The Shameless Mom Academy” which I have linked below.

In addition to the books above (which are linked, if you click on them, to amazon), I would recommend a book that is light, easy to read and transports you away for an hour.  I wouldn’t recommend anything baby related…